体内外駆虫済み。7月25日 8種混合ワクチンと狂犬病ワクチン接種済、マイクロチップ装着済。8月上旬に避妊手術予定。

1. 家族の一員として愛情と責任を持って、生涯飼っていただくこと。日本に帰る時や他の地域へ引っ越される時も連れていくこと。(日本入国手続きについては、サポートいたします)
2. 上海市養犬証を取得していただくこと。
3. お散歩の時は必ずリードを使用すること。

Tommy and Jimmy’s mother dog Tiara is a very gentle and calm tempered girl. She’s used to people and friendly despite she’s been a stray.

We completed de-wormed, vermicide, 8-in-1 & rabies vaccinated, microchipped. She will be neutered at the beginning of August.

Around 3yrs old Female
about 5.5kg

Please agree the followings for adopted dogs:
1. love and look after your adopted dog for life. Never abandon, abuse, or neglect.
2. apply for a dog license for each adopted dogs and renew every year according to the local law in order to be an eligible dog owner.
3. Keep dogs on a leash at all times when walking. (This is to prevent traffic accident and dog stealing which are common place in Shanghai.