7月9日現在、体重 1.8kg.



1. 家族の一員として愛情と責任を持って、生涯飼っていただくこと。日本に帰る時や他の地域へ引っ越される時も連れていくこと。(日本入国手続きについては、サポートいたします)
2. 上海市養犬証を取得していただくこと。
3. 生後5-6ヶ月ぐらいに去勢手術をしていただくこと。
4. お散歩の時は必ずリードを使用すること。

We rescued Tommy with his brother Jimmy and their mother dog Tiara inside the compound yard in Xintiandi area in the 25th of May, Tommy and Jimmy were born on the 21st of May. Tommy had a black and white hair. Male

At least for 2 months, puppies need to stay with the mother dog to be breastfed to gain immunity and to learn good dog manners from her. Tommy will be ready for adoption end of July after the nursing period. We will complete de-worming, vermicide, and the first general vaccination before the adoption. Tommy are healthy and growing day by day.

Tommy is a very playful boy.
1.8kg on June 9th

Please agree the followings for adopted dogs:
1. love and look after your adopted dog for life. Never abandon, abuse, or neglect.
2. apply for a dog license for each adopted dogs and renew every year according tothe local law in order to be an eligible dog owner.
3. Sterilize your adopted dog when reached appropriate size (5-6 month old) to prevent further breeding of stray animals.
4. Keep dogs on a leash at all times when walking. (This is to prevent traffic accident and dog stealing which are common place in Shanghai.)