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About us

We are a small group of expat Japanese wives in Shanghai who met through our shared love for animals. We started rescuing stray dogs and cats keeping them in our homes. Unfortunately with the the numbers of strays being endless in Shanghai we were unable to keep them all in our own home. This is why we set up this website and also take part in adoption events to look for permanent home for the dogs and cats we rescue.
When you are considering having a dog or cat, please consider the option of adopting. You will be giving the gift of love to an animal, who is in a desperate need to be part of a loving family.
All our rescued dogs and cats have been checked by a professional veterinary surgeon, and have been vaccinated against Rabies and has all other necessary vaccinations.
When they join your family they will come micro-chipped. We try to toilet train, and socialise them before re-homing, however the individual dogs needs will need to be taken into consideration.
Please note BMS is a group of individual animal lovers and do not have a shelter for rescued animals. We can help you promote your rescued animals find home by sharing the info here on our web site and amongst our network, however we are not able to keep them.

For adoption

Are you considering adopting a dog or a cat?
Get in touch from this page using our contact form.

Please read and consider the following points carefully.
We are only able to let you adopt our rescued animals if you can agree to these conditions.

This is to avoid any future pets having to go through the repeat trauma of having being abandoned.
We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  1. To love and to look after the dogs/cats for life.
  2. You are able to maintain veterinary bills, and are able to maintain the cost of keeping a pet.
  3. In case of relocation you will take the dogs/cats with you to your destination. (We strongly advise you to research the cost and process involved in relocating animals back to your country or to your possible destinations.)
  4. You will obtain Shanghai’s "dog license" in order to own a pet legally. And you have authorization from your landlord to have a pet at your place.
  5. You will keep the dogs/cats inside the house. (Not to be left in the gardens)
  6. You will provide sterilisation of the pet at appropriate age. This is to prevent further breeding of strays. (Adult dogs/cats will come to your home already operated.)

For fostering

We are always looking for foster families who can offer temporary home for the dogs and cats while we look for permanent home for the animals. We keep the rescues at our members’ homes. however often the number of rescues are beyond our capacity. And some stay at veterinary clinic. Some Unfortunately have to stay at pet hotels in cages which is not ideal, and often add to the trauma of abandonment. It is better for the animals to be socialised and trained at early stage so your help is vital.
We ask the fosterers to cover the expenses while fostering the rescued animals.


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